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This is a tabletop game. It requires a printer.

In this short game, simple to learn but with a pretty hard to navigate decision space, fight until the bitter end against another magical mech.

Draft mech parts, build your mech, then fight using action programming on a tiny chessboard until your opponent is defeated. As you go, parts will get deactivated, so the tides of battle can turn quickly when one of you the hits you take forces you to choose between your reactor, your engine, or your armament systems. Will you have to finish the fight relying on your chassis internal, basic weapons, or on its lackluster built-in engines?

The game might be updated over time. Plans include playtest-informed balance changes, rules changes and updates to existing part; as well as art, more flavor, and more parts and element cards. (But not too many more to keep the game kinda light.)

Made in three days for the mechjam2. Entered late because I'm a dumb dumb.

Icons from game-icons.net! Go check it out!


Astra Bellum Mecha Magica v0.2.pdf 1 MB

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