Afraid of jumpscares ? Become one yourself ! 😱 - Scaring is caring 💗
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Ariel has to vacuum the basements of a weird-ass hotel to become a certified cleanomancer.
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Live a perfectly normal life on the worldship in this form-filling single player LARP/RPG./Interactive fiction thing.
A contemplative interactive fiction where the story moves at the pace of your ships sonar.
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Find excuses to be as late as possible today in this weird folder-based interactive fiction!
Interactive Fiction
A legacy-survival tabletop RPG about those who fell into the secret world and what remains of them.
Role Playing
A weird, fleshy, toxic racing game where you play as bacteria!
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Solo worker-placement / roll & write hybrid-mess of antozorrids digging horrifying colonies in the mountains.

Pajama Jam's Jelly-Juice Game Sandwiches

Hen-Bee Pals' Lovely Gem Dizaines

The games made with my Hen-Bee Pals! It's a collective of queer & non-binary artists with whom we make cute games, usually featuring NB characters <3 The core is mostly my böi asmar , and sometimes he brings his [girl/boy/ ]friends as well...

[Not a Scam!] Mysterious Jewels from the Angel's Mine (Real)

Lady Apocalypse's Tabletop Bonkers Bakery

Experimental Boardgames for Adventurous People (Dangerous!)

The Gremlins Inside my Brain Present: Literally Just Fiction